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Evgeniy V. Mamontov, Candidate of technical sciences, deputy CEO for R&D, NPO Pribor (4-6 17th line V.O., Saint Petersburg, Russia), E-mail: 


Background. An analysis of aviation accidents is given, which showed that most of them are related to the human factor. It is customary to refer to this factor as reasons due to illiterate, erroneous or untimely actions of operators operating aviation equipment, controlling air traffic or providing flights. Materials and methods. It is shown that air traffic control systems are ergatic systems, i.e. to systems in which the functioning of a human operator is provided. Modern achievements in science and technology have led to the fact that the reliability of the technical component of ergatic systems has become higher than the reliability of the operator link. However, it is not yet possible to refuse the creative possibilities of a human operator, his knowledge and experience. Results and conclusions. At the same time, the functional reliability of operators of air traffic control systems (ATC) is of decisive importance for ensuring the safety of flights in air traffic control. 

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reliability, human factor, air traffic control, human operator 

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Mamontov E.V. The human factor and flight safety when controlling air traffic. Nadezhnost' i kachestvo slozhnykh sistem = Reliability and quality of complex systems. 2022;(1):41–45. (In Russ.). doi:10.21685/2307-4205-2022-1-5 


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